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Unredeemed Land, Erin Stewart Mauldin
Unredeemed Land

"Beautifully written and deeply researched, Unredeemed Land is the first book to place the Civil War and emancipation at the center of the history of southern agriculture. Mauldin reveals how landscape destruction and social upheaval intersected with environmental change during these events, ultimately creating the Cotton South. Unredeemed Land is a must-read for anyone interested in southern history and environmental studies."

--Megan Kate Nelson, author of Ruin Nation: Destruction and the American Civil War

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A Companion to Global Environmental History

“In 28 chapters, the book provides a broad introduction that is aimed at historians with an interest in striking topics and issues as well as at environmental history researchers wishing to widen or deepen their knowledge.” --H-Soz-u-Kult, June 2014

"There is much in this book that will be of interest to environmentalists, geographers and politicians, and the general public. Environmental historians should find this a useful overview of their topic." --Reference Reviews, Vol. 28 no. 1, 2014

"Those whose interest is world environmental history will find this book a pleasure to read from cover to cover, and the bibliographies are current and extensive."  --Choice,September 2013

Companion to Global Environmental History
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